A Brand New Fat Loss Training Formula That Leaves Clients Speechless As It Literally Melts Away Fat Without Crazy Diets Or Waisting Away For Hours In The Gym Doing Long, Slow, Boring Cario...


Just think, you'll never have to suffer through another long, slow, boring cardio workout again


And Here's Three Studies To Prove That Long, Slow, Cardio Routines DO NOT Burn Fat And Can Even Be Stressful On The Body...

1.) Cardio Makes You Gain Fat

According to a study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, people who performed intense cardio suffered from decreased T3 hormone production.

(Eur J Appl Physiol. 2003 Jan; 88(4-5):480-4.)

T3 is the hormone produced by your thyroid to burn fat.  When you do cardio, your body reacts to the stress by suppressing this fat burning hormone.  This means your body starts gaining fat immediately.  

Why? Because your body needs the fat to function.

Doing cardio also puts massive amounts of stress on your body.

According to a 2011 study in the scientific journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, cardio increases the stress hormone cortisol.

(Skoluda, N., Dettenborn, L., et al. Elevated Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Endurance Athletes. Psychoneuroendocrinology. September 2011.)

Cortisol is associated with heart disease, cancer and visceral belly fat. That%u2019s the kind of fat that hangs around your waist and gives you that disgusting pear shape.

Even worse, you always end up eating more fat-gaining calories AFTER you work out which means that you gain more and more weight.

A 2008 study in the International Journal of Obesity found that, after cardio exercise, the subjects end up eating 100 calories more than they just burned off.

(Sonneville, K.R., et al. (2008) International Journal of Obesity. 32, S19-S27.)

2.) Cardio Can Damage Your Heart

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the founder of aerobics, recently admitted that he was WRONG about cardio.  In his latest book, he said there is "no correlation between 'aerobic' endurance performance and healthy, longevity or protection against heart disease."

You see, cardio overworks your heart and can lead to death by massive heart attack, all because your body has not evolved to handle long, slow and boring cardio.

The man who ran the first marathon, the Greek soldier Pheidippides, dropped dead as he arrived in Athens with news of victory.  We weren't meant to run marathons.

3.) Cardio Makes Your Body Age Faster

A recent article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that, cardio causes immense oxidative damage and a flood of free radicals to the body.

(Cakir-Atabek, H., Demir, S., Pinarbassili, R., Bunduz, N. Effects of Different Resistance Training Intensity on Indices of Oxidative Stress. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. September 2010. 24(9), 2491-2498.)

Free radicals are molecules that cause rapid aging in your body.  During cardio, your body is filled with free radicals that wander around your bloodstream and attack your cells like a street thug.

Not only do free radicals cause damage to all your organs, doing cardio also damages your skin and makes you look older.

Dr. Laurence Kirwan, a plastic surgeon, claims that cardio can damage facial tissue and cause skin to sag.  You see, cardio actually ages your skin and gives you that leathery, unattractive wrinkled look before your time.


If you don't believe the studies...

Just look at long distance runners. They are frail, have no definition or tone in their muscles. In fact, they look sickly.

If you are not a long distance runner, why train like one?

Now, compare that to sprinters. They look like athletes, have lean, long muscular definition and tone.

They look awesome.

So I decided to put together a "formula" that uses a sprinters training philosophy by using short bursts of intense exercise called - Metabolic Bursting, circuits of non-competing total body movements called - Metabolic Resistance Training/Metabolic Conditioning Training and ending your workouts with an intense but short set of exercises called - Metabolic Finishers/Density Training.

I call it my Hybrid Training Formula. "Hybrid" because we use multiple modalities (tools) mixed together with the different training principles mentioned above.

So STOP Doing Cardio and Jump on Board with My Hybrid Training Formula. It Will Have You Burning Fat in Less Than 2 Hours Per Week.

Now I would like to show you why my Hybrid Training Formula works so well and the research to prove it...

Researchers at East Tennessee State University compared Hybrid Training style workouts against long, slow, boring cardio.

After 8 weeks of training, the researchers found that the Hybrid Training style workouts burned 200% more fat than long, slow boring cardio.

(King, J.W. East Tennessee State Univ. 2001)

Australian researchers tested Hybrid Training style workouts against long, slow cardio. The Hybrid Training group exercised 3x/week for 20 minutes. The traditional cardio group exercised 40 minutes per workout.

After 15 weeks the Hybrid Training style group lost 6 times more weight than the long, slow cardio group. In fact, the cardio group actually gained a pound over the 15 weeks. They were on the "dreadmill" for more than 30 hours per week and gained a pound.

Let's think about that for a second, the Hybrid Training group worked out for HALF the time and lost 6X the weight of the long, slow cardio participants.

Another study, published in the journal Metabolism proved that:

Hybrid Training style workouts burned 450% more body

fat than traditional long, slow cardio.

(Tremblay A., et al. Metabolism(1994);43(7):814-8.)

Check out these transformations using my Hybrid Training Formula:


"Becky Dropped Over 10 Pant Sizes!" 


"Steve Lost Almost 80 Pounds!" 


"I have dropped almost 15 pounds!"

Hey Ryan, I have been on your program for about 4-5 solid weeks. In that time I have dropped almost 15 pounds! I cannot believe the results and it doesn't take up too much of my time. I used to workout 5 days minimum for over an hour each time and I felt rundown. Plus, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted

 Mark S. -- Construction  Panama City, FL


"28 to 20% bodyfat!"
I'm down from 28% to 20% bodyfat currently! I'm so glad I found your online program. I'm extremely proud of myself and extremely grateful to you, Ryan. I've inspired(not by talk but by action) people around me to quit being so damned disrespectful to their bodies. Thanks again Ryan!
 Anna R. -- Mother  Cleveland, OH


More research:

At the American College of Sport's Medicine's 2013 World Conference, Dr. Michele Olson of Auburn University made a presentation where she said:

"It would take 5 times the amount of your typical cardio

exercise to shed the same number of calories from a short

duration, high intensity style workout." [Hybrid Training]

A study published in the journal of Obesity in April 2012 found that Hybrid Training style workouts shed belly fat by 17% in just 60 minutes per week.

So why spend hours and hours a week on the "dreadmill" when you don't have to?

You can train for half the time (maybe less) and still get the results you deserve. A matter of fact, my clients achieve results in under 2 hours per week using my Hybrid Training Formula.

You'll get results like these:


"Thank you!!"
I've been working out for about 2 1/2 years but I couldn't lose the last 10 pounds I wanted to lose. I started your program recently and eventually lost those extra 10 pounds I wanted to lose! Thank you!!
 Paula M. -- Business owner Buffalo, NY


"Kate Lost Over 70 lbs!" 


"Vince Dropped Close to 100 Pounds!" 


"Lost 20lbs and 3 sizes in my waist!"

I've been using your workouts and nutrition guidelines for 2 months, it's helped me lose 20lbs and drop 3 sizes in my waist. The exercise demonstrations are great and very easy to follow. HUGE thank you Ryan and keep the coaching coming!

 Steve R. -- Proffesional  Cincinnati, OH


Based on all the research, my Hybrid Training Formula smashes long, slow, boring cardio when it comes to burning fat and getting lean.

You're probably asking - "Why does it work so much better?"

Here's why:

The Mystery Behind My Hybrid Training Formula

Reasons Why it Burns Body Fat and Gets You the Body of Your Dreams

The secret? It's called the "afterburn" effect. The scientific term is called EPOC. Excess Post (exercise) Oxygen Consumption.

What does that mean to you? If you train the right way, you'll continue to burn fat AFTER your workout is done. 

That's because you'll push your body to burn away fat through metabolic resistance training, metabolic bursting, metabolic finishers, etc.

Long, slow cardio DOES NOT create the "afterburn" effect. 

How much more of the post-exercise "afterburn" will you get with my Hybrid Training Formula?

Some studies, like the one in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2006), say 36% more in just 2 weeks of Hybrid Training style workouts.

That means - your burning fat while you rest, work, living your everyday life!

How long does the "afterburn" last?

According to the European Journal of Applied Physiology, up to 38 hours AFTER you finish your workout.

You'll melt away all the unwanted fat because you are training the right way AND because of your newly increased metabolism.

Now you see why you only have to workout less than 2 hours per week. You'll actually "teach" your body to burn fat on your non-training days.

That's why my clients get results like these:


"Love this program!"

Hi Ryan - This online training is great! I love your workouts - wish I lived in OH to train with you personally but this is the next best thing - You Rock! I also wanted to tell you that the exercise demos are pretty cool...animated versions of you! Thanks again

 Kelly W. -- Stay at home mom  Pittsburgh, PA


"Ruth Lost Over 35 Pounds!" 


"Ali Lost Over 100 lbs!"



"Drop Pant Sizes Like This!"


Not only do you get the "afterburn" effect with my Hybrid Training Formula, you get much more:

This Style of Training Triggers a Fat Burning Hormone Called HGH

This "super-hormone" is called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and it is an essential piece of the puzzle lose fat, get lean and feel good.

Research to prove it:

According to a British Study, Hybrid Training style workouts increased HGH by 400%.

(Stokes, K. Journal of Sports Science. 2002 Jun: 20(6):487-94.)

In the Journal of Physiology, researchers found that Hybrid Training style workouts for 90 minutes per week were 65% more effective at burning fat than traditional cardio workouts.

(Burgomaster, K.A., et al. 2008. Journal of Physiology. 586(1), 151-60.)


Workouts Using My Hybrid Training Formula are Crucial in Melting Away Unwanted Body Fat and Getting You the Body of Your Dreams in Under 2 Hours per Week

Are you ready to ready to give up the "dreadmill", elliptical, stationary bike and never ever waste your precious time again?

If you are, here's exactly what you are going to get with my Online Training Program:


Custom Fat Loss Training Program

Each month I will design you a custom fat loss training program and schedule specifically fit to your goals and fitness needs.

You'll get fat melting high intensity "bursts", body sculpting resistance training and belly tightening core training all in the same workout. So you will burn mega calories and workout just a couple of hours a week to look and feel amazing.

You'll get all the benefits (and none of the negatives) of cardio with my Hybrid Training Formula and NEVER have to step on a piece of boring cardio equipment again.

You'll burn fat and calories up to 38 hours AFTER you get done working out. The one and only "afterburn" effect.

You'll increase the fat burning and fountain of youth hormone HGH that'll have you looking lean and feeling young. 

You'll not ONLY burn more fat, but you'll develop what I call "usable fitness" - Functional Fitness that is more practical in everyday life, on the golf course, picking up your kids or anything functional for that matter.

You'll perform total body movements using bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, stability balls or whatever else you have access to. 

You'll train hard and smart.


Innovative FitCoachOnline.com Software

With the innovative FitCoachOnline.com software you get access to, I am able to deliver those custom workouts online with full motion exercise clips of each individual exercise in that workout.

There's nothing to download and you can view the full motion exercise demonstrations in seconds from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer anywhere.

You can see the exercises in motion, the way they are supposed to be performed.

Why settle for 5 minute downloads or boring stationary clip art or photos when you can have cutting edge, moving exercise demonstrations?


Personal Wellness Coach

As one of my exclusive Online Training Members, you'll have unlimited access to me via email or Social Media for any fitness and/or nutrition related questions and needs. Coaching in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, I'll be able to track all your workouts to make sure you are moving in the right direction in your fat loss journey. Again, your very own Personal Wellness Coach.


FitCoachOnline.com Nutritional Guidelines

Believe it or not there's more to it than just the fat burning workouts. It's also about what you put into your body as well. 

Remember this, no matter how hard you workout you CANNOT out train a bad diet. That's why myself and my clients eat REAL food and not the processed chemical crap most food companies are trying to shove down our throats.

NO fad diets, NO "magic pills", NO meals made in a lab, NOTHING processed with the simple nutritional plan I provide you.

Shedding stubborn body fat will be easy with the dynamic combination of my Hybrid Training Formula and the simple, but aggressive nutritional guide that will be provided for you.


So how much does a program like this cost?

Now, let's do a comparison. A normal one-on-one training session costs on the average around $ 60 per hour/per session. At 3 times per week, for a month, you're looking at a monthly bill of over $ 700. That is a ton of money in this down economy.

It's for that reason I am not going to charge the hundreds of dollars that I could charge for this program. Instead, I'm going to make it a no-brainer, and I'm going to make it downright affordable for every budget.


Here's How to Get Access

Typically to become a member of my Online

Training Program and get access to my

Hybrid Training Formula it costs $ 99/month

But if you decide today to stop doing long, slow, boring cardio and start training the right way, you can become a member for just $ 49 per month, more than 60% OFF.

That's less than $ 2 per day for the body of your dreams


Your exclusive membership includes:

  • Monthly Custom Fat Loss Workouts: Each month I will design a custom workout using my Hybrid Training Formula that'll have you torching fat in less than 2 hours per week.
  • Access To My Innovative FitCoachOnline.com Software: Follow along workouts that can be viewed from any smartphone, tablet or computer, anywhere.
  • Personal Wellness Coach: Unlimited access to me via email or Social Media for all your fitness and nutrition related topics.
  • FitCoachOnline.com Nutritional Guidelines: NO fad diets, NO "magic pills", NO meals made in a lab, NOTHING processed just some simple guidelines that'll have you burning fat and getting super fit & lean.

Risk Free 30 Day "You Better See Results or We Won't Keep a Dime" Money Back Guarantee

I am so confidant that you will enjoy the program and see dramatic improvement in the way you look & feel and have a blast doing it, that I am offering you a full 30 days to try out my program.

Join today and try my system out for 30 days. If at any time during your 30 days (more than enough time) you don't feel that this program  is right for you for any reason, just let me know and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

And to show my appreciation I want you to keep the first month's workout just for trying out the training.

Fair enough?

$ 99 $ 69 $ 49

FitCoachOnline Training Program - $ 99 $ 69 $ 49 per month

You will recieve your first workout after signing up, filling out your Assesment forms and a consultation with me

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Get Your Very Own PERSONAL COACH Today

I mentioned this earlier but just want to stress it one last time because I think it's one of the most important benefits to you by becoming one of my FitCoachOnline Training Clients.

Once you've become a member...That's it! The workouts and fitness/nutrition advice come each month directly to YOU. Everything is laid out for maximum fat burning results.

Imagine this for just a moment....

You after 6 months of my fat burning, get you 10x's healthier & fitter workouts, walking into that wedding, reunion, first date and the jaws drop. They drop because you look that GOOD and all that hard work paid off!

...If that doesn't excite you, it's probably time to jump back on the treadmill and start grinding away again for 45 minutes day after day...with NO results!

But if this does sound like what you're looking for, let's get started TODAY.




Ryan Miller, Wellness Coach, Licensed Trainer

P.S. Remember each month I will design you a new custom workout using my Hybrid Training Formula with FULL motion exercise demonstrations of each exercise. You can actually see the exercises, the way they are supposed to be performed. You will get unlimited email access to me for all my fitness & nutrition secrets and tips. 

With my FitCoachOnline Training Program you'll be burning fat, getting 10x's healthier AND fitting in those "skinny jeans" in no time!

But hurry the $ 99 $ 69 $ 49 per month membership is for a LIMITED time. Only a few memberships remain, so don't wait act NOW! 

$ 99 $ 69 $ 49

FitCoachOnline Training Program - $ 99 $ 69 $ 49 per month

You will recieve your first workout after signing up, filling out your Assesment forms and a consultation with me 

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